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The Flat Betting System

Flat Betting System

The Flat is probably the best sports betting system and due to its simplicity it's widely popular among both newbies and sophisticated gamblers. One can implement the strategy not only at bookmakers, but also in various casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and others. Why is it so simple? The player decides on a certain bet amount at the beginning of the game, and keeps betting the same amount for the rest of the season. Unlike other betting systems with fixed progression lines (such as the Kelly Criterion or the Martingale), the flat betting doesn't require any changes and complicated calculation. These progressive betting strategies will guarantee you good payoffs only given you manage to guess the probability of at least 50% of outcomes correctly. They can make you rich fast, as well as leave you without a cent even faster. The Flat strategy provides slow but pretty secure profits.

All the gambler needs to do is just stick with the initial bet size in the long run. It's also possible to wager a fixed percentage of your bankroll depending on its size, say 5%. For instance, your start-up capital is $2000 so the amount of every single bet will equal $100. Bear in mind that the bet amount cannot be changed anytime upon your request. In fact there are some so called check points when you are allowed to resize your betting capital. That can be either after your bankroll gains a 20% increase or after you reach a certain limit, say $2400. In this case the bookmaker will permit you to recalculate your initial bet size and raise it from $100 to $120. As a result you will move on betting $120 according to the Flat sport betting system.

  • Let's sum up the main points. The Flat is worth using because::
  • the risks of losing all of your bankroll are minimized
  • the player has a stable bankroll increase
  • the gambling system remains the same in the long term
  • the strategy isn't tricky and can be used even by beginners

  • Nonetheless, there are some obvious flaws::
  • the system is pretty much time consuming, especially if your start-up bankroll is small, so don't expect its rapid growth
  • you might get carried away by the game and switch to a progressive betting system.

The Fixed Percentage System

The Fixed Percentage system resembles the Flat betting system. However, unlike the latter, you can decide on your bet size each time before making it. The player can decide which amount to bet in the real time, and this amount is not fixed. Want to wager more or less? No problem, it's up to you.

  • So the player has the following advantages:
  • when being on a winning streak your bankroll increases significantly
  • when being on a losing streak your bankroll decreases reasonably

There is a disadvantage found in the system - you need to be lucky enough to cover all the losses if you get a series of losing bets.

The Fixed Payoff System

Fixed Profit System

This strategy differs from the traditional Flat betting system by fixing the amount of the desired payoff beforehand, but not fixing the bet size. The bet size varies depending on the odds and is calculated according to the following formula: the amount you're willing to win is divided by the odds minus 1. Here's a quick example. You plan on winning $50 from your first bet with the odds equal to 3.0. So 3.0 minus 1 makes 2.0, $50 divided by 2.0 is $25. There you have your initial bet size. So the advantage of the Fixed Payoff System is being able to estimate your bankroll beforehand, given you get on a winning streak. And of course the biggest disadvantage is losing a decent amount of your bankroll when having a series of losses.

The Martingale Betting System

Martingale Method

The Martingale is probably one of the oldest betting systems that work both with casino games and sports. The strategy works the following way - upon winning stay at the same bet, once you lose double your next bet. Say you bet $1 and you win, so the next bet should be $1. Here a loss comes and you bet goes up to $2. You lose again, and make it $4 for the next bet. If this time you are unlucky again, bet $8. Finally you win, and your next bet is $8, and this is how it works. The gambler constantly covers his losses and gains more profit by making new bets.

However, no matter how alluring this strategy might seem to be, you should keep in mind that it's practically impossible to always double your bet. Suppose you start with a $5 bet and get a streak of bad luck having lost 13 times in row. You will have to make it $40,960 for your next bet. That's a whole lot of money, and even if you had it you would come across a bookmaker's betting limit which is $500-1000 (on a $5 table).

Remember, there is a high risk behind the Martingale strategy since you may end up losing your whole bankroll if you lose a few times in a row. It's recommended to apply the betting system in the short term because the longer you play the more you are subjected to having a long losing streak.

So the main advantage of the Martingale strategy is having good chances to win big when having a series of winning bets. However, you should be ready to lose all of your money given a bad outcome.

The Anti-Martingale Betting System

You already know about the famous Martingale betting strategy and it'll be easy for you to get a hang of this one. In the Martingale system the player is supposed to double his bet upon losing. This system is far away from perfect and will make you go broke sooner or later. The Anti-Martingale sport betting system is more clever in a way has its good points. It's aimed at bigger earnings on a winning streak and makes loss chances smaller. So that's how the system works - the player doubles his bet in case of winning and goes back to the initial bet size if he gets on a losing streak. Here's an example. You placed a bet of $1 and you won. Great! It's time to double your bet. Thus you will keep doubling the bet until you get a losing streak, and you will return to $1 and will keep betting $1 until you win again. The Anti-Martingale is just great for protecting your bankroll from a total crash. So, to sum up the player gets lower risks to lose his capital and higher chances to win big given he goes on a winning streak.

The D'Alembert Betting System

D'Alamber Method

Along with many other financial strategies, the D'Alembert betting system was designed for betting in casinos. In a short time it became popular among sports gamblers. The system has a "negative" progression line. For each win you decrease the next bet by 1 unit, for each loss the bet should be increased by 1 unit.

Let's take an example. Say you've bet $1 and you won, so you stay at $1. The next bet wasn't successful and you lost it, so you'll need to go up to $2 for the next bet. The $2 bet didn't win either, so add 1 unit and that makes a $3 bet. And unfortunately you lose again, therefore you go up to $4. This time you win and according to the D'Alembert method you decrease your bet by 1 unit. So your next one is $3. In case of winning we are down $2. If you are lucky to win again, your next bet is $1, that's what you bet at the very beginning of the game. That's how the system works.

However, what are the chances of winning every bet you make? Imagine your 1 unit is $10 and you lose 10 times in row. Your 11th bet will be $110 which means you end up losing $550. You'd have to win 7 times in row to cover your losses and get a $10 profit.

The advantages of the D'Alembert betting system are the following: you can end up winning big given 50% of the bets you make win, receive a stable profit and have lower risks to lose your capital.

The Contra D'Alembert Betting System

As you can see from the name of this strategy it's based on the D'Alembert betting system, but it's opposite to it. For each loss you decrease your bet by 1 unit, for each win you increase the bet. The contra version of the D'Alembert progression works well in a long-term series of bets. Implementing this method you'll be able to make the most of your winning streaks and make your losing streaks less dramatic. Here is an example. The player bets $1 and wins it. He raises his next bet to $2. Upon winning, his next bet is set to $3. Thus the 2 dollars spent on betting came from the payoffs. The initial amount of $1 is saved and taken out of the game.

Oscars Grind's Strategy

The Grind betting strategy is widely used when playing Roulette and other casino games, but it's also commonly used in sports betting. The main point of this whole betting system is getting a payoff in the amount of 1 unit at the end of each progression. The player is the one to decide the amount of a unit, depending on how much he is able to invest into the strategy. You have to decide beforehand how much you are able to lose, in order to know when to quit.

Let's say 1 unit is worth $1 for an easier calculation. According to Oscar's progression, if your first bet loses your next bet remains the same, so it's again $1. If your bet wins, you increase its size by 1 unit, which makes a $2 bet. If your bet loses, the next one should stay at $2, and so on. The odds are to be 2.0 (+) to implement the strategy.

The Kelly Criterion For Winning

In 1956 J.L. Kelly developed his own betting system, which is aimed at protecting a gambler from going bankrupt. His idea is about calculating each bet size as a percentage from the balance of the player's bankroll, which makes it almost impossible to lose. The main advantage of this strategy is losing less money while your bankroll gets smaller. For instance, if your average bet size is 10% from the bankroll you will still have 48% left from the start-up capital after having lost 6 times. However, the Kelly criterion won't bring you fast money since in average your bankroll will grow 5% with each bet made, given you accurately estimate the probabilities.

Experience is essential when making sports bets. Quite correct selection of sport events for betting will already lead you to success, but that's the most challenging part. To come across the most profitable odds one needs to examine various bookmakers' lines, and select the events with overrated odds, which usually doesn't happen in more than 2-5 events per week.

So the main advantage of the Kelly formula is that the player isn't likely to lose his bankroll even in the long run.

  • The disadvantages of this sport betting system:
  • low payoffs
  • one needs to be able to guess the outcome probabilities very accurately, which requires great gambling skills and a ton of experience.

R.J. Miller's Financial Management

That's probably one of the most interesting sport betting systems that work and it's mostly related to financial strategies rather than gaming strategies. The system mainly focuses on the aspect of managing your bankroll.

The main point of this sport betting system is that the player needs to guess more than 50% of the events he places his bets on. To be more precise the overall percentage of the winning bets shouldn't be lower than 53%, otherwise the player will go into the red in the long-run and will lose the major amount of his bankroll. At the same time the odds cannot be less than 1.85.

The conclusion

As you can see, there are a great number of sport betting systems that use either progressive or flat betting strategies, but of all of them are aimed at maximizing your winning chances. Needless to say those systems that contain tricky formulas and require some complicated calculation will better suit really experienced gamblers with great betting skills and a great ability to estimate the probabilities of most outcomes. Using this article as a manual you can stick to one of these systems or try all of them in real games at bookmakers. Remember, in order to become a professional gambler you need to study a lot, gain new knowledge and experience day by day, go through your ups and downs, analyze and try. You can also adjust any of these systems and make them work even better for you. The articles published on this website can be a good start on the way of becoming a pro sports gambler.

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