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Features of bets on sports events

Football / Soccer

football or soccer

The football is the most popular sport all over the world, thus the majority of all bets are made on football. Bookmakers pay the closest attention to such matches due to this fact. Usually the odds are precisely considered and contain almost no mistakes. Odds in various totesports differ insignificantly. Naturally it is not very good for gamblers since professionals are eager to utilize the inconsistency and earn on wrong odds of bookmakers. However, since the football is the sport number one in the whole world, quite a lot of analytics are produced. One can watch TV reviews, read the press or listen to the radio. Newspapers and magazines publish many interviews with coaches and football players. Having read them attentively, one may get an idea about the players’ mood, traumas and internal team relations. More, many matches are shown on TV online. It’s better to watch it once instead of hearing about it a hundred times. It will be easier to form your own opinion after watching previous matches. It is important to remember the following: the majority’s opinion is not always right; the majority tends to be wrong. So we’d recommend to ignore such matches.

Because the football is so popular, bookmakers give many betting odds for matches. Giving betting odds means that bets for numerous events and outcomes are taken: corner kicks, yellow and red cards, substitutions, rules violations, free kicks, etc. You can also bet on a specific score. There are options to choose from. The best bookmakers take live bets meaning the bets during the match.

Unless otherwise stipulated, bets are taken for the main playing time of a match. Anyway read the bookmaker’s rules before betting to save yourself from unpleasant surprises.


ice hockey

The hockey is also a popular sport, holding the second place in Europe and Northern America. The hockey is a more unpredictable sport, especially during the regular championship, when matches are not so much important. Surprises happen more often, so you should take this into account thinking about your bet. This has its positive sides though. It is more complex for bookmakers to follow all possible factors, so odds are not always justified. There are many those among professional gamblers who love Ouro-bets.com to work with the hockey. In addition to traumas and mood, the flight factor is even stronger here. Since hockey matches are organized more often than the football ones, it is important to follow how much time passed since a previous team’s game and how much time it took the team to reach the town hosting the match. These factors affect the physical restoration of a hockey team. The physical condition and the team spirit play a huge role in the hockey, and one should take this into account. Due to the fact that hockey seasons are long and include a large number of matches, it is a common practice to rotate team players. Many coaches give less playing time to their stars in less significant matches. However this is not a frequent practice in native land with own fans watching a match. The stadium comes to see starts and you can do nothing against the marketing. In the hockey so-called closed teams have more chances. These are the teams practicing power hockey while board fighting and throwing a puck into the other team zone. Such hockey began to dominate on the verge of the 20-21 centuries. However the leading world hockey leagues constantly take measures and amend the rules to fight against such hockey. The attacking teams achieve success more and more often in recent times.

Betting odds are usually given for matches according to their periods. You can bet on results of periods separately. The best bookmakers also offer to guess the number of points a specific player will earn, more or less a specified figure.

Unless otherwise stipulated, bets are taken for the main playing time of a match. Anyway read the bookmaker’s rules before betting to save yourself from unpleasant surprises.


tennis after match hands shaking

Tennis is very popular among gamblers with bookmakers. The winning percentage is quite high, but to succeed with tennis, one should have a knack for it. One should know many things and what matters remember and keep them in mind. One should know what type of courts (grass, hard or ground) a player likes. Also one should remember what weather conditions are the most comfortable for a player and what city he or she considers to be native. Tennis players are not stable. Here in contrast to team sports, the match destiny is in one person’s hands. Often tennis players play with traumas which they conceal from their foes very deliberately. More, the schedule of participation in championships is very important. Usually tennis players determine target championships they want to succeed in and fit their condition for those championships. So if you want to consistently earn on tennis, you should follow players. I can recommend here to choose 10-20 most interesting players and follow them more attentively, because it is impossible to follow all the players. One cannot ignore the conditions stated above. These are the basis of the tennis betting.

One can often meet people who do not know the tennis rules. Please remember the following: before betting on any sport, you should know its rules. Although there are those who bet using solely odds (they look at odds and bet on their basis). Usually such players are not seriously considered.

Betting odds on tennis are usually good. Bookmakers offer those on sets, tie-breaks and the number of games, even the number of double and forced mistakes. Bookmaker bettors like tennis and there are reasons why. The winnings are worth it.


basketball match

Betting odds on basketball from bookmakers are often distinguished by quite low odds on one team victory. Irrespective of this, favorites often loose. Thus gamblers with bookmakers usually make their bets with handicaps. Usually totesports give the possibility to independently choose handicaps or give many handicaps to choose from. However bets are often characterized by either a considerable excess or lack of handicaps. The practice shows that for a gambler betting with a bookmaker it is difficult to adjust his bet on an outcome. The winning percentage is quite high but it is inadequate to the risk taken. Also teams are not motivated to win with a high score. When the victory of one team is already evident during the match (for example after three quarters), many additional accidental factors come into play. For example, the coach of a winning team lets the leading players have a rest and young players play. Often players themselves start playing for their fans giving joy to the watchers with nice throws that rarely reach their target. So just as a recommendation: bet on matches without handicaps but with approximately similar or close odds on victory.


biathlon sportsmen is shooting

The biathlon is a winter sport becoming more and more popular not only in Europe but all over the world as well. It is one of the most dynamic and fascinating winter sports. However gamblers with bookmakers have been arguing for a long time about it. There are two camps: those who bet on the biathlon and those who do not understand it. The opponents to betting on biathlon state that a lot of things depend on accidents. However it is partially correct. First, high odds cover the weak predictability of this sport. Secondly, everything is not actually so accidental as it may seem from the fist sight. It’s just that one should follow the biathlon as all other sports. The physical condition of a sportsman is crucially important. Almost all biathlonists show unstable results during a season. All biathlon fans know this. That is why only several previous races should be taken into account when betting. One should not bet on a biathlonist for his previous results. Even the strongest sportsman can be not in his best physical or moral state at a definite moment. Besides, different biathlonists have their own advantages, some boast with their speed while others with accurate shooting. Two skills at the same time are rare but happen. The speed often works for definite biathlon types (sprint, mass start) and the accuracy for the others (individual race, relay race, pursuit). Moreover, before betting one should obligatorily find out the weather forecast for the sports venue, nowadays it’s not a problem with the Internet. The professional gamblers with bookmakers get the best from pursuits and relay races, the percentage of victories in these types being quite high among biathlon specialists.


voleyball play

Volleyball is not popular with bookmakers. All those things regarding the basketball are in force for the volleyball as well: low odds for the victory of one team, hardly predictable handicaps, etc. Also not much time is dedicated to the volleyball on TV. So it is quite problematic to follow teams during a season.


baseball match moment

Europe is not really interested in the baseball, while it’s the sport no. 1 in the USA. It’s mainly because not many Europeans know the game rules. It is not common to bet on a sport when you do not actually know its rules. However bookmakers know a lot about it. It is the sport no. 1 in the USA, so bookmakers cannot make mistakes with it. Also baseball broadcasting is not often on the European TV. Taking into account the reasons mentioned above, we would not recommend Europeans to bet on the baseball. The Europeans have the chance to earn on more traditional sports. But if you live in the USA and share the opinion about the baseball as the sport no. 1, you have to earn on/from it. There is so much information about it that it’s not difficult to process it on your own and make decisions. It is the same to take decisions and make bets in this context.

General recommendations

It is better to specialize in one sport, not very popular, however with bets on it taken regularly. To stay with the gambling, it’s better to choose two sports: to concentrate on a summer sport during the summer and on a winter sport during the winter.

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